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Portly Cooks | Mussel Linguine

Everyone seems to rave about Spaghetti Alle Vongole. I’m not really a fan of clams if I’m honest so I decided to make a similar dish using Linguine and Mussels! … Continue reading

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Portly Cooks | Lunch | Singapore Style Udon

Recently I’ve been trying to be good and make lunch to take with me rather than spending a fortune on sandwiches. This is a variation on that Take-out classic Singapore … Continue reading

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Portly Cooks | Hake and Samphire with Mussels

I’ve been told that people don’t cook fish at home because they are worried about ruining it. This one is as simple as it can get. 200g Hake 9 Mussels … Continue reading

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Portly Eats | Smokeworks | Cambridge, UK

I’ve been to Smokeworks before I love it. It’s one of my don’t look at me restaurants. What this means is it’s one of those places where I can never … Continue reading

October 13, 2017 · 1 Comment

Portly Eats | Jack’s Gelato | Cambridge, UK

Who doesn’t love Gelato? Jack’s Gelato has been a Cambridge favourite since 2010. I may be late to the game here but I’ve been countless times and feel a need … Continue reading

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Portly Eats | Alimentum | Cambridge, UK

Last week I went to Alimentum in Cambridge. As we entered, we were greeted, our coats taken and shown to our table. Once seated we were given an canape box … Continue reading

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Portly Cooks | Squid and Prawns

Fried calamari is one of my favourite starters. I decided to make it for lunch with some prawns too for good measure. 1 Small Squid (cleaned and cut into rings) … Continue reading

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Portly Cooks | Crayfish and Prawn Tostada

Monday night food should be simple, you’ve just had (if you’re like me anyway) a weekend of rich and indulgent food because ‘Why not? It IS the weekend right?’ This … Continue reading

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Portly Cooks | Stilton and Bacon Burger

  Who doesn’t love a burger? I had a massive craving for them the other day so after stopping off and grabbing some beef mince and some cheese it was … Continue reading

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Portly Cooks | Chicken Thighs in Honey Mustard Gravy

You know when you just fancy some gravy in your life but want to do something a little bit more jazzy than the usual? Well this is the result of … Continue reading

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