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Portly Drinks | Campari Spritz | Benedetto’s, Cambridge

Aperitivo a tradition I picked up on when living in Italy. What could be better than to enjoy the slowly setting sun with a glass of something nice. Since I … Continue reading

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Portly Cooks | Roast Chicken Brioche

I’ve been eating a lot of chicken recently and I think like everyone I’m dead keen on brioche burger buns. This one if I’m honest is a bit of a … Continue reading

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Portly Eats | Noodles for Lunch | Kymmoy, Cambridge

I was just a hungry soul looking for lunch wandering up and down Burleigh Street in Cambridge before I decided to check out Kymmoy. I feel bad in saying, I … Continue reading

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Portly Cooks | Salmon Salad

I’ve never been the biggest fan of fresh cooked salmon. Give me some smoked salmon or raw salmon and I will happily eat it, cooked salmon hasn’t really awakened my … Continue reading

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Portly Cooks | Gurnard with Caper, Lemon and Butter Sauce

Gurnard is one of my favourite fish. It has a slight sweetness that comes from its diet of eating lots of shellfish. They do look a bit depressed when you … Continue reading

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Portly Cooks | Cheats Fish Pie

There is something rather comforting about a fish pie. Fresh fish, mashed potatoes and a creamy sauce, it ticks all the comfort food boxes. This one is also a cheats … Continue reading

March 30, 2017 · 3 Comments

Portly Eats | 2 for 1 Burgers | The White Hotel, Newmarket

On Wednesday I ventured to The White Hart Hotel in Newmarket for a few mid-week beverages. I wasn’t planning on eating, more content to have a couple of IPA’s and … Continue reading

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Portly Cooks | Pitta Pizza

I’m back on My Fitness Pal as I got a little chunky and I needed something jazzy for lunch. I’ve seen these pitta pizza ideas everywhere in food mags and … Continue reading

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Portly Cooks | Cheese and Chive Prawn Pasta

I’ve got really into prawns recently, I think I’ve eaten them about three times this week. This one has got fresh tiger prawns and a cream cheese with chive sauce, … Continue reading

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Portly Cooks | Beef Skirt and Spiralised Vegetables

This was originally supposed to be a basic noodle dish. Then I realised I have my spiraliser now I’m back home, so out went the noodles and in came the … Continue reading

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